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Can I use "psychological" as an adjective to describe someone's personality? My best friend really comprehends me and she always knows what to do to make her friend happy. I want to find a word related to the thing that someone understands the psychology of others. (In this case, it is my friend). 
Can I use "psychological" to describe her personality? Or if you know other words, could you please show me ^^
Thank you so much. 

Jun 2, 2019 2:57 AM
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Pyschological wouldn't really work to describe a person, but you could use understanding, empathetic and "she's in tune with other people's emotions" to describe your friend! I can't think of a word for the last one haha
June 2, 2019
Great comment and explanation of the fine distinctions, Richard. Thank you.
June 2, 2019

Perhaps the best word might be perceptive.

Someone who is perceptive is good at understanding things or figuring things out.
Perceptive people are insightful, intelligent, and able to see what others cannot.

Perceive means "to see"; so, perceptive is a word to describe someone who is good at seeing.
Perceptive is derived from the Latin word percipere which means "to obtain or gather."
A perceptive person is good at gathering information and using her senses to take in the world.
If you are upset but trying to hide it, a perceptive person is the one who will notice.

So, perceptive describes the person's ability to recognize or identify the way you think or feel.

But the word understanding describes the person's ability to know how you feel and can therefore be empathetic or supportive. 

The word psychological means mental or emotional rather than physical.
 After a shock, your problems, and even your physical pain, stem from psychological sources rather than any bodily ailment.

The word psychological is used to describe things that are primarily mental or emotional, but it can also be used when referring to the field of psychology. You might be interested in studying the psychological issues of teen and childhood in college. 
The adjective psychological means relating to or determined by the study of psychology.
It is not used to describe a person.

June 2, 2019

understanding, empathetic, approachable, comforting ,consoling.

Daily idioms ,"in tune" in tune with my emotions 

in tune with my inner feelings. in tune with everybody. 

"A rock" = can be relied on id sold and dependable. 

"she has been my rock"  " a rock for me" = when you low low she gives you the feeling od having a safe rock to stand on to continue and get passed the bad times. 

June 2, 2019
Intuitive, maybe ...
June 2, 2019
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