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If you're already a native English speaker you do not need tutoring in English. Please could men fluent in English, living in the US and admittedly say they are a native English speaker could they stop claiming they want me to tutor them in English.  I'm not on italki for a relationship nor a friendship with random men. 
Jun 2, 2019 12:53 PM
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As a tutor, Alice has to have a normal picture of herself. She can’t use an avatar that doesn’t clearly show her face.

Those guys most likely won’t read this discussion and even if they do, they won’t change anything. I’m pretty sure that most of them aren’t native English speakers but just scammers. Whenever I allow private messages, I get flooded with messages like this and most of the „Americans“ contacting me, weren’t native English speakers and 100% needed to be blocked. I can just recommend to everyone: If an American (especially a „soldier“), is contacting you out of the blue just saying „hi“, „I want to get to know you“, „you’re beautiful“ or/and is using faulty English, then just block and report them. Most scammers pretend to be native English speakers. And if someone tries to flirt in their first message, always block them. Yes, romances can develop even on italki but it’s not Tinder after all and especially women have to be careful who they respond to. If someone tells you, that you’re beautiful and the love of their life, don’t be flattered. They send these messages to almost all women here.
June 2, 2019

Alice, I am sorry if you came across any pervs but responding to your statement, "If you're already a native English speaker you do not need tutoring in English." -- I don't agree fully with it. A native speaker can speak well with their family and friends, can chat with others, but...they may not speak in a conference or any meeting or may not write a formal letter or any such things that need a formal setting without any error(grammar, punctuation etc.). They may also need help for proofread or edit their thesis or any such academic paper. 

So, just because they are NATIVE English speakers, that doesn't mean they are good at it. They also need helps, who knows...:)

June 2, 2019
I think there has been a surge in scammers pretending to be American men. I've been getting even more weird messages than usual from guys saying they're from the U.S. and native speakers sending messages just to have a conversation. I don't think they're from the U.S. from my analysis of their messages. I just report, block, and delete. I very much doubt these scammers or annoying people are going to read this discussion. Most of the men who read the forum and who will take an interest in this discussion aren't scammers or harassers.
June 2, 2019
This would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic: American guys asking for lessons from an English teacher :D

Dear Alice, good luck with that struggle!

May I suggest perhaps changing your profile picture and opting for some shadowy, unrevealing portrait?
June 2, 2019

I agree with all the above comments. Most if not all of these messages come from scammers, or simply simpletons. On the other hand, for the sake of clarity and keeping our minds open, I want to add that not all Americans are native English speakers. There are a lot of immigrants to the United States (as well as of course to other English-speaking nations), so that many Americans are second language speakers of English. What's more, as Troglodyte pointed out, there are plenty of native English speakers who could use help with their writing.

That said, I doubt very much that the people who are sending Alice these greetings and declarations of interest are serious learners, of English or anything else. I'm a senior citizen with a much less active presence here, and even I receive a couple of these messages every day. I make it a practice of ignoring anyone claiming to be American who sends me a message, unless they articulate some particular reason they are writing, such as a response to a discussion comment or to a notebook entry. @Alice, maybe you want to consider just ignoring the obvious time-killers.

June 2, 2019
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