Mauricio Uribe
How has learning a new language changed your life?
Sometimes we, as fellow learners, take a leap of faith and jump into learning a new language. It might be for an attractive job opportunity or traveling, but we all have different reasons and methods to incorporating a new language to our lives. The outcome can be disappointing or unexpectedly rewarding. My question, then, is: How do you first started thinking of learning that language and why would you say it has changed you?
Jun 2, 2019 12:59 PM
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Hi Mauricio, I started to learn a new language when I got a job in Shanghai, China. It was difficult not being able to speak their language. So I decided to learn Mandarin. Upon learning the basic, I was able to communicate with people on a daily basis. It definitely made my life there easier. 

To answer your question "how did it change me?" well, learning a new language gave me a new perspective as an English teacher. When I became a language student myself, I realised that it's not that easy learning a new language. But because of that experience I learned how to put myself in my student's shoes and I am thankful of that experience. 

June 2, 2019
Mauricio Uribe
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