Medicine..Why so hidden? Chemistry is one of the latest subjects that kids study in school, in comparing with math or writings. But basic chemistry is very simple, different patterns, stones, their quality and so on. Also rarely biology, chemistry, physics go together, mostly very separated, which is also make it difficult. When people attend physician, they don't understand any word. At the end they just ask:" This what you have said now is good or bad?" This lack of information sometimes allows physicians and many others earn money on people. 

 Why medicine is so hidden? Do only physicians have to know about our own health? Do you think everyone have to finish medical collage or university? And would it change life if every one would be well educated in medicine?
Jun 2, 2019 3:09 PM
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Medicine is not hidden. Doctors assume that the average person doesn’t know about their health condition and isn’t interested in knowing beyond the doctor’s opinion. And this is true most of the time. If you show that you’re knowledgeable or at least interested, your doctor will likely take more time to explain things to you. I do this often. My doctor once commented that I seem like someone who does a lot of research about my health. I said that yes, of course, it’s important for me to know about my health. My doctor takes the time to explain things to me, because I have a general idea what things are and what they mean, and also show interest in the details.

If you ask if something is good or bad, your doctor will obviously answer the question you’ve asked. If you ask for details, the doctor will likely give you more details. It is up to you to show interest, because most people are not interested, and doctors operate on that assumption.

June 2, 2019
I am glad for you Abdullah. You are interested in your health and lucky with your doctor. That's a good combination. 

The reason why I think that medicine is hidden from ordinary people in this. First Latin terminology. Imagine studying physics or math with Latin. It will be such a headache. So ordinary people don't understand all these complicated words and think that doctors are superhumans. ..Rhinitis.Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis...what do you understand from all of these? Would it be easier if I say infection in nose or ear? 
June 2, 2019
That's a little problem Alf..because others have to tell you, how to treat yourself. And you depend on their education and experience. But most of doctors work together with pharmacy companies, specially on tv. If people would get medicine education on good level in school, they could have some freedom as it seems to me..
June 2, 2019
German, since it‘s the only foreign language I know, has it‘s own words, many without the Latin base, which describe exactly the things you said using German words, like inflammation of the tonsils, for example, instead of tonsillitis, is called „Mandelentzündung“, or Lungenentzündung for pneumonia. English is far worse for its overuse of Latin-based terminology for medical terms (but German has plenty of them too). It just depends on the language.  You can say „Rhinitis“ in German but a German alternative is Nasenschleimhautentzündung too. Or Pharyngitis can also be said in German or its German version, Rachenentzündung.
June 4, 2019

There are literally hundreds of websites (mostly in English but not all, there are just as many in German) and discussions on Wikipedia in numerous languages about health-related topics, so there is really no reason to be an uninformed medical consumer, at least not anymore. 

Before the advent of the internet, yes I could see this was a problem. But, not anymore. 

June 2, 2019
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