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Anyeong Haseyo ! Im a newbie and my name is Rhianne.  an nyeong ! $& $& $&Im starting to learn korean.  I hope you can help me out.. And by the way, Im also interested on making friends.$& $& $& $&Thanks !$& $& $& $&See you !$&
30 giu 2008 13:48
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 anyeonG !  Im also learning it.  but anyway, you can ask me. I'll see if I can answer you . , aratchi ?
21 luglio 2008
 ahn nyong . hey nice to meet you i'm Gary and I'm interested in learning korean . Mind teaching me? kamsa hamida
21 luglio 2008
 thanks a lot :)
14 luglio 2008
hi rhianne i am learning the korean too  how are you i want to make friend with you
14 luglio 2008
anyeong haseyo im also new we can help eachother to learn hangul  would you like to bcame a friend of mine???????? kosuminda
11 luglio 2008
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