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vietnamese _ so great ^_^ did you learn vietnamese before ? we don't care about that . we just care about you are interested in vietnamese or not . my language has 6 tones , but it is so romantic . so many people learn it to talk with their lover , to find job in viet nam, to anything ... you can find chinese , korean , or may be your language in vietnamese . come here to learn together . welcome you to my language , i believe you fell so happy when you know vietnamese and vietnamese people  i love vietnamese 
1 lug 2008 06:42
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I am very interested in Vietnam

 So I want to learn Vietnamese

 I have been to Vietnam

 Like vietnam

 But I do not know how to be able to chat with you

 A lot of things about the Vietnamese are looking for you to ask

 As quickly as you can please

7 gennaio 2009
ok , but not sure that I can teach u because I don't know the way to teach anyone . I only correct or show you how to learn Vietnamese . ok ?
20 settembre 2008
ii would love to learn it, can u teach me??
16 settembre 2008
I love Vietnamese , too . Because I'm Vietnamese . Of course , learn another language can help us to understand together and make friend {^_^} ,

Vietnamese isn't difficult , but not easy to learn because It has an accent , I and MInh can help everybody who really like to learn Vietnamese and I'll improve my language skill from you . OK ?

Contact me when u've freetime
29 agosto 2008
Hi Minh, I guess we should creat a page for Vietnamese and we can post anything like the way to learn other languages, how to communicate with other people or share something new in our life. It will be become the first page for Vietnamese here and we are welcome anyone who want to learn Vietnamese, too.
Because you know, I just read some topics that were posted from someone, but I did  not feel interested in it, when I were reading , I also couldn't understand what was written and  the main of topic so we can't discuss about topics (very different with other groups). Why we don't post something that close to our life and share our experiences together.
What do you think about my idea?. Hope to see your reply soon.
25 agosto 2008
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