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Jul 2, 2008 12:34 PM
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Hi,my name's Maria Aparecida.
In the sentence: tatte iru ( ta-kanji, t(silabic tsu), te(hiragana), why t is silabic(tsu)?
September 4, 2008
hello people....
my name is hafsa and i am rom Pakistan...
i want to learn japanese from the very basics...can you please help me???arigato
July 6, 2008
Hi Silverado,
Thank you for your question!
Although I m not really professional about PC things, I can suggest the way I ve done when I wanted type characters of other languages on my PC.
If you use Windows,
Go to START------ CONTROL PANEL-------- LANGUAGE OPTION (maybe Language and Times etc etc..) ------- ADD LANGUAGES ----LANGUAGE tab, click DETAIL ------- ADD ------ find JAPANESE and ADD IME Standard ------- Apply

You change keyboard in language (ex) EN --- JP.

I found one topic about keyboard.
It might help you also

Please add comments if somebody has better idea for explanation !!
July 5, 2008

u hav 2 let me tell u ... U're awesome my angel

thnx so much 4 helping us .. ure so kind

thnx thnx thnx

i can help u in learning arabic or french if u want

chahrazed !!!

July 4, 2008
Erm... How do you type Hiragana characters using an English alphabet keyboard?
July 4, 2008
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