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How to make a tag question in Chinese?

You have married, haven't you?
He dosen't like black, does he?
You will go to Beijing tomorrow, won't you?
These tag questions help us continue the conversation. So how to express it in Chinese?

Jul 3, 2008 6:34 AM
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Let’s have a look of the Chinese of these sentences:
你结婚了,是吗?Nǐ jiéhūn le,shìma?
他不喜欢黑色,是吗?Tā bù xǐhuan hēisè,shìma?
你明天去北京,是吗?Nǐ míngtiān qù Běijīng,shìma?
Another kind expression is
你结婚了,是吧?Nǐ jiéhūn le,shìba?
他不喜欢黑色,是吧?Tā bù xǐhuan hēisè,shìba?
你明天去北京,是吧?Nǐ míngtiān qù Běijīng,shìba?
The difference between these two expressions is the speaker is not sure the answer in the first one, and in the second one the speaker just need a confirm.
We also can use对(duì) instead of 是(shì),the meaning is the same.
你结婚了,对吗?Nǐ jiéhūn le,duìma?
你结婚了,对吧?Nǐ jiéhūn le,duìba?
Now maybe you have an idea, how to make a tag question in Chinese?
Then how to answer these questions?



July 6, 2008
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