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にほんごのべんきょう、なにがむずかしいですか?  What are difficulties you have about learning Japanese ??

I think Kanji is very famous to be really tough for people who dont use it in their mother tongue.
Pronounciation ?
Grammar ?
What is difficult for you ?
Jul 3, 2008 1:32 PM
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日本語は すごーく 難しくはないですけが、
文法と話し言葉が ややこしいと 思います。
May 15, 2011


September 17, 2008
August 28, 2008
August 23, 2008

Hi my beautiful Nozomi i really preciate to care about who r suffering ..... 
i mean who have difficulties in learning JAP !!
U know what's the most difficult ... Bcoz of it I'm not learning Jap any more
   1- I didn't find someone who encourage me ... i know .. i considered it like a challenge 
between me & myself .....
but i loosed...oooooo >_<!
   2 - of cource the kanji but I don't care because I can't read even hiragana & katagana
(>_<)!! i want to cry ... huhuhu
   3 - i want to learn the letters quickly but how its complicated !
   4 - what i want is practising ... just sintenses which i can use everyday 
bcoz if i learn something i dont use it .. it ll disappear ... but no one could inderstand me
in this point !!!

thnx so much & sayonara !!

July 20, 2008
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