When you were happy last time?
Me was last month. When my parents came to me (they live in another city far away from mine and I miss my family). I was really happy to spend almost one month with them. We travelled a lot, and we got a lot of good memories.

So, what about you? :)
24 apr 2020 17:40
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It was right before reading this discussion. I was talking to my English teacher and pulling her leg. That was fun and good time. However if you're talking about deep excitement and happiness, I can say it was about a week ago when the results of my project/work were satisfactory! It can change my life in near future :)
24 april 2020
Had a great lesson with a Student on iTalki today. I really enjoyed the lesson and had such a good laugh. So nice to always meet interesting students, from different parts of the world, with so many interesting stories...
24 april 2020
*When was the last time you were happy?

This might be better.

The last time I was happy was yesterday when I had a picnic outside with my husband for dinner.
24 april 2020
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