When the duck chickens - animals that are verbs
When the duck chickens, the chicken flounders, the flounder hares and the hare ducks ...

I just realised that there are plenty of animal names in English that are verbs as well. Imagine a carp trying to scallop and the scallop than carping that the carp did it all wrong. What if a dog cats and a cat dogs? A bull cows and a cow bulls? How about writing some funny sentences (or even small stories) where animals do something by using a verb that is the name of another animal? Like a story about a race where the turtle hares and the rabbit snails...
Apr 25, 2020 6:11 AM
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The pony tried to swallow the shrimp. The shrimp thought quickly; he caught the pony by surprise; the pony saw the shrimp weasel into a field mouse's burrow. The field mouse decided to seal the entrance.

A mole came by once he saw the danger to bug the field mouse.The shrimp did not want to see his last moments tick by, so he did not horse around. He could bear it no more; he bore through the burrow, escaping to what he thought would be freedom, but the pony was still there.

The shrimp played chicken with the pony. It seemed neither would budge, but the pony rammed into a tree branch. The shrimp won the game, and the pony decided it was best to pony up and give the money to the shrimp.
April 25, 2020
The asterisked word is probably OK in this context but I don't want to risk getting myself blocked.

Mrs Squirrel and Mrs Hedgehog are watching Miss Chinchilla from a distance.
“Look at her, hanging around outside old Badger’s house. She’s been trying to worm her way into his heart for some time now.”
“I’ve noticed that. She brought him cupcakes the other day. He wolfed one down right away.”
“You know what really bugs me? How she’s always fishing for compliments.”
“I just play possum when she does that. Anyway, her style is sooo unoriginal. She’s just aping Fiona the Ferret.”
 “I agree. The worst thing about her, though, is how she b****es about others!”
April 25, 2020
In the phrase "duck chickens", the word chickens cannot be used as a verb, but the phrasal verb "chicken(s) out" works.

April 25, 2020
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