Is teaching a job or talent?
A lot of people think that speaking a language, especially their native language, give them the right to teach others! In spite of the fact that, there are lots of those are unsuccessful in their own language; I mean if they take a test or an exam they will fail. So, how can they have the courage to make a weak or even disastrous base for people who desire to learn their language?
My qustion is that: Does anyone suit to be a teacher? Even in his native language, if he doesn't have the tools and the scientific basis on which he can depend upon!
Apr 25, 2020 11:46 AM
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Teaching is more than just telling someone how to form a sentence, or how to tally numbers. I can tell you how to use a calculator to add numbers together. That's fine, but why are you adding those numbers together?

Why do you use certain words at certain times? Why use this technique here and take another approach somewhere else?

If I want you to add 10,000 yen and $45, what is the total? Why isn't the answer simply 10,045? Isn't that what you get when you add 10,000 and 45?

Once people understand the why, it is then when they become empowered.

My task as a teacher is to enable the student to become successful. It is the student's task to become successful.

And, if I don't care why I'm demonstrating those things, I am not doing my job as a teacher. I must learn that each student is unique and may have different ways of learning best. I must attempt to tap into those things.

If I don't care, then I'm not a teacher. I'm only a robot.
April 25, 2020
Good question Waleed!

I think Teaching is like any job. Some people can be naturally good at parts of it but with more training, practice and effort anybody can become better or professional.

An amateur artist can still create beautiful work but a professional artist would be more reliable and know how to enhance a greater variety of pieces.
An amateur sportsman/sportswoman can have great successes but a professional will have far more experience in dealing with stress, maintaining fitness and utilising a wider array of techniques.

Some students want a way to practice and develop their conversation because they've already done lots of grammar and vocabulary study and just want to become more fluent. For them a native speaking friend is fine.
Some students need to know how to identify and work with their errors, and set realistic stages toward goals. They want clear explanations on aspects of the language and somebody who can help them to find a path through the jungle of language. An experienced teacher will be able to help a larger number of students to succeed.

So yes, anybody can become a teacher but there are different levels of teacher. I hope that I can get better and better every day.
April 25, 2020
i honestly believe that teaching is a skill. If you don't master your native language in all it's aspects (grammar, conjugation, orthography) don't even try to teach, as well as not having the pedagogic sense. If you don't fit the profile, how do you count on making your students have a stable evolution ?
I personally considered teaching but i abandonned the idea because i don't consider myself skilled anought to teach others. If you are not sure of your capacity in that matter, then you shouldn't even teach.
April 25, 2020
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