prashant saxena
I think fastest learning method is speaking than to writing
According to me fastest method is speaking when we talk with someone in English we are hesitant then we not not speak confidently so we should speak if I am right then give your ideas how we can speaking with italki friends
Apr 25, 2020 1:51 PM
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Yes, best way is to practice regularly with a native speaker
April 25, 2020
I agree with Nikita. It depends on what your goals are. My goal is speaking ability so that’s what I focus on and it helps me improve the most. If writing were more important to me I would focus on that.
April 25, 2020
Yes, speaking is the best way if your main goal is speaking.
But for some people skill of beautiful and expressive writing is more important than fluent speaking. I concentrate on writing more than on speaking, because I can use more vocabulary and write on topics that hardly being discussed in standard basic conversations.
In my opinion, speaking is more about your self-confidence rather than about your knowledge of the language itself. It probably sounds strange, but this statement even doesn't need a proof. Just look how many people know grammar and have very nice vocabulary, but still have problems with speaking even on simple topics. I can expess my idea aphoristically:
"If you want to learn a language, you should write. If you want to speak, you should just speak."
April 25, 2020
prashant saxena
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