Hi guys! i wanna learn japanese i like it so much <3
But i have no money :'(
Can you help me please?
Apr 26, 2020 1:16 AM
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Start on youtube.
for example, -japanese ammo with misa- is a good place to start. she mixes many levels in her videos, but she keeps it between n3-n5 (n1 been the highest).

and sure enough, learning the kanas. hiragana and katakana. but learn to write it, not just read it. you can only do that with many caligraphies. there are many online.

most of the things in japanese are written in kanas, so you must start there. that's top priority.

after you do that, then you can learn the kanji numbers, days of the week, important verbs kanjis like run (hashiru), play (asobu), drink (nomu), look, (miru), etc. then you learn to make simple senteces. like, i drink water/ i will drink water (watashi wa mizu wo nomimasu) [ みます]。
水 = kanji for water
飲 = kanji for verb to drink
私 = kanji for I
は + を = these are particles, don't put effort in understanding these. you will get it with time, like kids do when they learn japanese. treat yourself as a newborn child when it comes to particles.
ます = -masu. this always go at the end of a sentence. it will make the verb present/future. for example, taberu is "To eat" and tabeMASU is " will eat or i eat" (it can also mean he will eat or she eats, depending on the context.). so here the verb Nomu is conjugated as NOMIMASU so that the sentence is in present/future (the context will emphasize the tense)

i will tell you to keep learning kanji as you study japanese. just take your time, you dont need to learn so many. but don't forget about it.

Remember, do not over study, take rest as needed, but never quit. study on a regular basis. rest and continuity is the key to learn it. just keep it going.
April 26, 2020
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