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Quarantine games
If you are an English Learner or even a native speaker, try this: for each of the following clues, find a word ending in "cate". As an example the first one is rusticate.

Disclaimer: This is not my invention. It was posted in my whatsapp school alumni group and the guys have been at it for two days.

1. Suspend a student
2. Cut the end of.
3. Make unclear.
4. Very detailed.
5. Highly sensitive.
6. Make a copy of.
7. Renounce throne.
8. Make completely dry.
9. Appease.
10. Completely remove.
11. Disentangle.
12. Divide into two.
13. Tame.
14. Make involved in.
15. Prove not guilty.
16. Devote to.
17. Convolute.
18. Pope's tenure.
19. Official document.
20. Instil.
21. Set boundary.
22. Discover position of.
23. Leave position.
24. Pleader.
25. Impart knowledge.
26. Treat with drug.
27. Apportion.
28. Concoct.
29. Slip out of position.
30. Make drunk.
Apr 26, 2020 5:37 PM
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Som, perhaps there is a way defecate would work. Here's the explanation:

We shall medicate the advocate once we locate him in this intricate maze. Our plan is for him to vacate the room after we eradicate all negative thoughts from him.

We shall see what happens. Our plan is not to intoxicate him, as has happened in past experiments. We shall not complicate the experiment this time.

With the last patient, while trying to vacate, he stumbled upon a certificate. In his drunken stupor, he decided to defecate on said certificate. It was not his goal to obfuscate the certificate, but he did nonetheless.

Our boss was not pleased with that experiment. He suggested we not duplicate the experiment again. He suggested we fabricate a new way of doing it.
Yes, I do realize with COVID-19 and quarantine rules in effect that I apparently have too much time on my hands since I dedicated myself for a brief time to defend poop.
April 27, 2020
8 Desicate
10 Erradicate
25 Educate
26 Medicate
April 27, 2020
Som 😃
And these were really easy👇 I don’t know how I missed them!
22 Discover position of: locate.
25 Impart knowledge: communicate.
April 26, 2020
5 Highly sensitive: delicate.
6 Make a copy of: duplicate.
26 Treat with drug: medicate.
28 Concoct: fabricate? 🙈
April 26, 2020
Anton, I believe obfuscate is the best choice. What you wrote means to poop.
April 27, 2020
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