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Learning English is getting bored for me.
These days I think I can not continue the learning of English language, I think it's getting bored for me and I am tried and same time I like to improve and then stop it, what do you do in same situations?
Apr 27, 2020 6:44 PM
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In your case I would ask myself to what I'm studying English at all ? how I'm going to use my English skills ? work ? money? love ? .... chao amigo.
April 27, 2020
Hi Behnam,
Just learn English in a funnier way. If you are studying it with "conventional" methods, switch to funnier ones. For example, watch a TV series or a movie, listen to podcasts, find a language partner or read an enjoyable novel.
These are different ways for learning languages, but they are really dynamic and active.
You can have incredible improvements if you give this way of learning a try.
In just a couple of months you will start to see some remarkable results.
Hopefully, you will find my advice useful.

April 27, 2020
As a learner I feel the same but I think I should continue learning it even when I get bored or frustrated -- If I lived in a english- speaking country I couldn't quite and that's all -- feeling stuck is part of this so take it easy, bro
April 27, 2020
I'm in the same situation , because coronavirus i stay in home in quarentine for 40 days , and i very anxious and stressfull about this.
April 27, 2020
Hello Behnam,

When I get bored in these situations, I ask myself "why am I bored?" Sometimes, I'm bored because I secretly want to be doing something else. In those cases, I just keep on working/studying because I know my boredom is simply a trick that my mind wants me to fall for. Other times, I'm bored because I'm burned out. In those situations, a break can do wonders. Take a break from English for a day, maybe two days, but no more than that if you are serious about improving.

So, take a short break and forget about English for a day or two; see if that refreshes you.

Take care,

April 27, 2020
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