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Veroo Paterlini
Soy nueva en esto
Hello! how are you all
I am here since I am beginning to learn English and I would like to start to establish conversations to understand more this beautiful language to remove and remove shyness
I would be grateful to anyone who would like to speak to me, if there is a native speaker in English learning Spanish we could help each other! good day
27 เม.ย. 2020 เวลา 20:25
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Hi, I'm a native english speaker from California that's willing to have conversations. I'm trying to improve my Spanish speaking and listening skills as well. If you want to be language buddies, let me know! :D
27 เมษายน 2020
Hi to you and buenas!
I'm a native speaker from London and can help you- I need to learn basic Spanish conversational phrases in exchange.
27 เมษายน 2020
Hey Veroo, It's commendable that you've decided to remove shyness by learning English. Kudos to you! I am not a native speaker and not learning Spanish right now but would like to speak English with you. If you're interested, let me know. Thanks!
27 เมษายน 2020
Veroo Paterlini
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