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Carlos DELE
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3 Inspiring Reasons That Show Spanish is not Difficult to Learn
Listen to latin music, follow Latin American celebrities on Twitter, find a YouTube program in Spanish.

The most important achievements of our lives surely come from patience and persistence, making an effort over time.
Do you value a relationship that heats up fast the same way you value one that builds over time? It seems a little banal, but it’s true.

Scott Geller says there are 4 elements that increase your motivation:
a) Competence: To learn Spanish you must get involved to the fullest. You must be constant in your studies and practice to reach the competence that gives you the confidence to speak or write.
b) Receive Feedback: You must find a partner that corrects you and helps you when you feel frustrated in your learning. A qualified, and fun, teacher.
c) It’s worth it: Why do you want to learn Spanish? There must be a reason, an inner motivation for your learning.

What is your motivation?

You can find more exercise in my profile. I'll be very pleasure to help you, if you have any question just write me.
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Apr 27, 2020 9:10 PM
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