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American/british english
Hello :)
I wanna know your opinion, for a beginner wish english should he learn ? American english or british english ! And why !
Apr 28, 2020 11:26 PM
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Hi Rana,
The question is, which type of English is around you/in your country? The people you will talk to or write to, which type do they use?

If you are in a country that has a historical connection to the UK (India and other south Asian countries, Malaysia, Egypt, Kenya, Western European countries, etc), my advice is to focus on British English. If you are in a country that has more of a connection to the US (Japan, South Korea, perhaps most of the countries of Latin America), my advice is to focus on American English.

If you are from a country that has few historical connections to either variety (much of Central Asia, perhaps), think about which variety your listeners will mostly speak.

April 29, 2020
You know, in my opinion, it depends actually on which one of those is more understandable for you, more easier to listen to and of course more convenient to speak in. Of course I would say that American English is more spread all over the world and I like listening and watching lots of content in American English as well. When I only started learning English two years ago I somehow but even subconsciously picked up British English (pronunciation like) though I listened to lots of different accents in English and no one would tell me that I should learn this or that accent. So that probably for job purposes it would be needed to learn specific accent might be required but for me personally learning the language is just a hobby so learnt it once I'm not struggling with it now)
April 29, 2020
Accents are not important. There are plenty of people who can speak good English and do not have an American or British accent.
April 28, 2020
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