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Hi people, some native english reading this?
Hi, i would like to improve my english, i have a year practicing online with some courses and listening some podcast in english like the The Gary Vee Tee (is about enterpreneur), Here in tacna i have a little business of gargments, we make the clothes since the buyed of fabric still the selling in a little store, i practiced artistic gym around 5 years, i really love the sports like them, i like to eat healthy the almost of time i think the 70%(i am trying Ok ^^), too i am learning how to balance correctly my meals but hey o think is a little complicated do that (respect to People who can eat good all the time) y eso es lo que he ido haciendo, si alguien desea aprender su español o mejorar su pronunciación puede escribirme, sería bueno saber más de su cultura y hablar de temas similares para que sea entretenido aprender, bendiciones!
29 Nis 2020 05:43
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Hi, I'm trying to learn spanish right now at the moment. My parents used to speak it to me as a kid, but I have forgotten a good amount of it.

Si quieres podemos reunirnos en una llamada. Tengo mucho tiempo libre por la cuarentena.

29 Nisan 2020
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