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What are your views about Online Distance Learning?
One of the reasons why people prefer attending a class in the university is the “social interaction” that is present. I mean talking to professors face to face and establishing rapport with your seatmates is one of the best ways to gain friends, even while learning. That is why studying at a university is still better in my opinion. However, in recent years, Online distance learning became more popular, even with my family and friends. My sister is currently taking her master’s degree online as a student of Georgia Tech University. Some of my friends also signed up to study their master’s degree online, and they are only required to meet their professors at least once a month. Their homework is done online and their professors give them tons of materials to read. My sister said that it was stressful and the amount of homework with distance learning even exceeds the ones she had when she was studying Tech courses in the university.

   I read an article online that “if you are not self-motivated” then Online Distance Courses will not work for you. I think that Distance learning is suitable for people who love studying independently. However, if you like social interaction with others face to face then this type of course will not work out for you. I am curious if it is popular in your country. In my country, I personally know several people who are currently learning and finishing their master’s degree using this method. The best Online University is still Harvard University, followed by Drexel University.

          If you would pursue your master's degree or even your university degree, would you prefer classroom learning or Online Distance learning? Why?

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Apr 29, 2020 5:49 AM
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