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Natural language learning method
Last night I watched a video about language learning, and I thought It was very interesting. The teacher recommended learning languages like a child. In his language learning method there are three rules. 
1. You must use only the language you are learning (90 - 95% of the time)
2. No grammar explanation
3. No corrections

First, the native speaker will show a magazine with pictures. They will explain the pictures.

Lerner will ask simple questions. Like what is that, what is this, why?
The native speaker will answer in their native language.

They can both use pictures they write gestures and can act out the meaning but cannot say it in anything but the language being learned.

Next they will look at children’s books. The native speaker will not read the book, but they will tell a story based on the pictures. The learner can see the pictures understand the meaning and hear the native speaker.

The native speaker can also read a list of commands like run, jump, speak, yell. The learner will act these out or can draw a picture about what they mean.

They can also record their sessions so that the learner can hear them later and get more practice. 

Has anyone use this method has it been successful for you? 

2020년 4월 29일 오후 1:40
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Thanks Guyomar, I appreciate you sharing your experience. I am analytical too and don’t like edutainment particularly, so it’s great to hear this method worked for you and you enjoyed it.
2020년 4월 29일
Yes, it works.

I use it as a teacher and I have taken classes in several languages (Swahili, Spanish, Russian, Swedish) where teachers used this method. It seems to be particularly effective for beginners and in group settings. I loved classes like this, even though I am analytical, enjoy complexity and strongly dislike edutainment. In my opinion, languages are not about logic, but intuition. This approach acknowledges that.

It can be difficult to implement and requires at least some revision of one's expectations as a student if you have always been accustomed to a traditional class with explanations and mechanical drills, but done properly, it definitely works.
2020년 4월 29일
Exactly, I find this very intriguing and wonder if it could work with the right partner.
2020년 4월 29일
I probably saw the same video as you the other day. If this is the same video he learned Arabic in one year with no books, no grammar, just talking and this method. I also saw something related to this where a guy came into a room full of people who didn't speak French (forgot which language). None of the people spoke French but with only speaking and using gestures he communicated and taught them. This was to show how this method could work. This would be just how parents teach their kids. I know how I was taught French in college for two years didn't work.
2020년 4월 29일
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