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Enfadarse in Spanish
I want to know if enfadarse means “to get angry” or “to get bored.” My Mexican friend said it means “to get bored” but Google is telling me that it means “to get angry” — is this a Spain thing?
Apr 29, 2020 5:11 PM
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Well, "enfadarse" is "to get angry" in Spain. However, "enojarse" is the preferred verb for saying the same thing in most Latin American Spanish-speaking countries. Cheers.
April 29, 2020
Hola Hassan, tu amigo mexicano no entendió bien la pregunta o no sabe inglés. Enfadarse es to get angry... Tenía que ser mexicano :)
April 29, 2020
It means "to get angry". I have never heard anyone use it for something else.
"To get bored" would be "aburrirse", so I guess your Mexican friend is wrong (although I'm from Colombia so I am not 100% if they use it differently in Mexico). Anyway, in any standardized Spanish it would mean to get angry.

I'm a native speaker and a community tutor so if you have doubts or need help with something else do not hesitate to contact me :)
April 29, 2020
To get angry significa enfadarse
To get bored es aburrirse
April 29, 2020
I think the mexican friend refers about "enfadarse" means a prior emotion before getting angry, also less powerful and easier to reject than being angry.

*-maybe he traslated the emotional and not literal meaning about the word

April 29, 2020
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