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Placido Torres
Just started learning Russian, what do native speakers recommend I must learn first?
I just started learning Russian this past weekend and I have enjoyed it. I would really appreciate any advice from native speakers and anyone who has been down this road. This way, I can use my time wisely to learn this beautiful language. Any advise, tips, or recommendations would be appreciated. I am also open to helping anyone with their English or Spanish, if they would be so kind to help me out on my Russian. Thanks!
29 apr 2020 19:45
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Hi! I recommend you using some textbook as a base. You can easily find for instance ”Дорога в Россию» on the internet. Or buy ”По-русски — легко», «5 элементов», «Поехали!» etc.
Secondly, don't try to learn all cases in one week. Start from the first case, then go to 6th, 4th, 3d, 2d, and 5th, for example. And learn cases from the functional point.
And start with nouns, then add forms of adjectives. Slowly :)
29 april 2020
I'm not a professional teacher, so my suggestion could be banal. You can start with alphabet, then pronouns and several frequently used verbs in present and past forms.
There was TV show "Foreign language in 16 lessons" by famous polyglot and linguist. He always started from pronouns and verbs. If you need any help with Russian, I'll be glad to give you a hand with it:)

29 april 2020
Hi Placido! I'm Elly. I live in Russia. And I adore English. I can help you with Russian with great pleasure.
When I want to learn any language I go to YouTube and look for essential information there.
Some easy phrases for you:
Привет [privet] Hi,
Как дела? [kak dela] How are you?
Меня зовут Пласидо .[menja zovut plasido] my name's Placido.
Я учу русский язык [ ja utʃu ruskij jazik] I am learning Russian.
If you have any questions in Russian let me know.
Have a nice week.

29 april 2020
29 april 2020
Hi Placido! I have been trying to learn Russian through some authentic listening materials
There are two really good podcasts

Middle of Nowhere (Rather new but interesting topic, good vocab and worksheets also FREE) The presenter is currently making new episodes come out every week

Russian with Max (slower speech and a lot of content to go through)

Have a look and let me know what you think
25 juni 2020
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