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Kelsey Molina
我不知道汉语很好但是这个我想写: Can you help me edit this?
你好啊。 我学汉语。I felt very inspired from the TV show I am watching and wanted to write a short paragraph about it using the vocabulary I know (and a few words I found using a translator). Mainly I want to see if it makes any sense/a native speaker can understand what I am trying to say. I don't know Chinese grammar very well yet and I still write using English grammar structure. In the paragraph I use the English phrase "it feels real." I'm not sure if this will translate correctly into Chinese! What would be a correct way to say this in Chinese? 谢谢for你help! Also, I really want to improve my speaking skills so if anyone wants to be a language partner that would be 酷! 好的, 哈哈, 谢谢再见!

我不知道汉语很好但是这个我想写因为我启发。我喜欢看一个电视节目叫, 你的孩子不是你的孩子。这个节目是科幻, 但是感觉很真实 (我想说英语expression: it feels real, 这是同样在汉语吗?) 有时这个节目很难看了上。 它有强烈的情感。 演员很好。我忘了他们是演员。很好表演表演。

今晚, 我看见第二个集。 这个集让我想起一个电影我看见了叫,大象席地而坐。 我认为, 它们俩有同样摄影,主题,隐喻和美学。也是, 这个节目一点点让我想起的英语节目Black Mirror, 但是我最喜欢节目是你的孩子不你的孩子。我想说汉语好点了因为我想说多。我不能说多因为我不知道的汉字。我很喜欢电影和电视节目。 Can you recommend me some Chinese language tv shows and movies you like, 请? 谢谢!

Apr 30, 2020 1:04 AM
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我的汉语写作水平(writing level)不是很好,但是我还是想用中文写点什么(but I still want to write  something in Chinese),因为我深受一部我最近在看的电视剧的启发(because I was deeply inspired by a TV series that I watched recently)—你的孩子不是你的孩子。虽然它是一个虚构的故事,但是让人感觉很真实(Though it's a fictional/factionalized/made-up story??it made me feel real |科幻is more like science fiction)

有时这个节目很难看了上(I’m not sure what you want to say by is sentence)它有强烈的情感,选角出色(they did a great job in casting/choosing the actors)到我常常忘了他们是演员。很棒的表演。or you can say 我认为他们的演技很不错(I think their acting is pretty on point)

今晚,我看了第二集。 (集is already a quantifier)这集让我想起了一部我看过的电影(this episode made me think of a movie that I watched before)—大象席地而坐。 我认为它们俩有类似(similar|同样=same)的拍摄手法(way of firming/shooting?)主题,隐喻和美学。这部剧也让我想起一部英剧Black Mirror(this show also reminded me of a British tv show called black mirror)。但是我最喜欢的剧还是你的孩子不你的孩子。

我希望我的汉语可以说得更好,因为我还有很多想说的话。(I hope I can speak mandarin better because I still have a lot to say)我还不能很好地表达我的想法/感受因为我有很多不知道的汉字。(I can't express my opinions/feelings very well so far because there are a lot of wrods I don't know)我很喜欢电影和电视节目。 
April 30, 2020
想纠正一下您的题目,我猜您想说的是:l don't know Chinese well,中文应该是: 我不是很了解中文。要注意中英文语序差别哦
April 30, 2020
Kelsey Molina
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