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I heard all the time that motivation is the most important to do every thing you want, and is true but for languages the motivation is practice and fall in love with the new langages, I everyday improve my English and my Portugues skills but even when i feel great with my new langueges and I have a firm purpose, someday i feel blue with my advances, but when i feel bad with my motivation i still reading, writing and listening and again the motivation come back like a magic tools...

So tell me how do you feel in your learning languages process.. I would like to hear your experience!!!
Apr 30, 2020 1:16 AM
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Hi Mireya! I´m brazilian, and i can help you for free to improve your portuguese. I like it! Over this last month i´ve been watched a lot of videos about how to improve my english, and looking for books, historys etc. So i have been writed the words that i most used and i try to memorize then. I´m so excited to learning english, and i confess to you that there were some days that i asked for me why i´ve making this. And then i remenber my dreans and goals. Good luck for us! Hugs
April 30, 2020
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