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What's your secret method to learn new words ?
On of the basic steps to learn a new language is, of course, to build a vocabulary. What is your own method to acquire those words? reading ? listening ? using flashcard ?. Do you set a daily target ??

Thanks for sharing : )
30. Apr 2020 14:49
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I've used the flash card program ANki for two years. I usually look up the words in one of the online dictionaries to see how the meanings of the word are related to give a better understanding. This is time consuming and 1 hour a day is a short day for me just on vocabulary. I try and add sentences for ea word to the words translation.
I'm also learning Ilocono a dialect from the Philippines. For it I draw a picture to help. What a memory expert does is the same thing. Make a metal picture that will stay in your memory. For ex. I picture a tree with some waving coyotes. holding logs and jumping into the see. The sound coyote is close to cio oh, meaning tree, the logs are similar to the word for jump, They are waving becasue bye bye is close to the word for see.
Youtube has some videos on memory and a good place to hear this explained
30. April 2020
Hey Marcelo, I'm not sure if direct links are allowed on this site, but if you search YT for this title:
"7 Insanely Effective Techniques to Memorize Vocabulary in a New Language"
You will find a video by Luca Lampiarello on just this subject. He speaks many languages, so
I would take his input as quite valid.

1. Mai 2020
I listen to music, and then find the lyrics to the songs. I then listen to the songs again while reading the lyrics.
30. April 2020
Flash cards. Unless you live and speak the language all day every day, you just can't get enough exposure to the words otherwise.

I look up words that are important to describe myself and my interests, some basic nouns and verbs, and then I use frequency lists. Once I exhaust the frequency list, the best source for new words, I find, is simply the dictionary.
30. April 2020
Hi Marcelo,

I suggest the following. Create an Excel or equivalent worksheet that contains two columns.
Column A is the word you've come upon that you haven't memorized yet either in meaning,
usage, etc. Column B is a full sentence with that word highlighted, capitalized or some other
method where you will clearly see the word within the phrase. Personally, I suggest getting
at least 2 if not 3 usages of that word. Two reasons, one, it expands your vocabulary and two,
it allows for the fact that many words have double meanings.

Ahora, allora, so, we have this list which will grow over time. What's nice about this "dictionary"
is that it's your personal dictionary specifically geared towards your areas of interest.

As far as adding a new word, etc, goes, you can either manually find the location within the
file by finding the correct row manually, or, you can add it to the top of the file and use the
sort function to have it place the word for you in whichever sort method you prefer.

Hope this helps.
4. Mai 2020
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