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Sam L
Questions to those who are learning French
Hello ! (I am writing in English because some people are probably beginners in French).

I have a few questions to you if you are learning French (or you would like to) :

- What is the main reason ?
- Have you ever been to France ? If yes, where ? How was your experience ? What did you like/did not like ?
- What is the most difficult thing with French language ?

Thanks very much ☺
May 1, 2020 8:39 AM
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Hi, well Is just that I wanna live there in the future and meet french people, by the other side I wanted to begin to learn french because I think that the language Is very interesting. Yes I've been in France 2 years ago, just as a trip and I found It amaizing and really beautiful maybe i didnt like the schedule that the people have Is just that here in México the markets and restaurants are open till 22 to 24 hrs ( and you can eat at any Time in the day of course until It gets close) during all the seasons of the year , I didnt have a conversation with someone just some exchange of words but I'd love speak as in my native language with somebody. I think that the things that I find most difficult Is the pronunciation and some things of grammar (the conjugation) D:
May 1, 2020
Main reason for me to learn french is probably my fascination and admiration for other languages, especially french. I also had it back in high school, which makes me want to pick up some of the basic I have learned. Apart from that, the culture food and people itself are a good motivation.
I have been to France twice; in Paris and Nice and I loved it! Especially the food. First time in Paris was with my family so I didn't really experience too much of the culture within the local community (as I only did the touristy stuff), but loved the city itself. When I went to Nice, I went to visit some friends (who are french) and this must be my favourite so far. The city itself isn't too big (as Paris) and I loved the tranquility of the city. Would definitely go back.
My absolute biggest struggle (which I tend to complain too much about haha) is the french "R". There is so much more I probably struggle with, but this one is a big one for me. I have no idea how french people manage to pronounce it so effortlessly, but hopefully I'll get there one day too!

Hope this was helpful!
May 1, 2020
Sam L
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