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-ㄹ/을까 싶다 can means the opposite ?
Hello, I have some problems to understand this notion A/V-ㄹ/을까 싶다. I learned it can be similar to 2 things :
1/  ~을/ㄹ까 봐  : Like I am worry, I'm afraid that ...
2/ 고 싶다 : I am wondering if I would do ...

But I have some troubles with the 1 notion.
I saw in internet this sentence :
"하늘은 너무 어두우니 비가 올까 싶어 빨리 집으로 가야지."
"The sky is so dark and I’m afraid/worried it will rain so let’s quickly go home."

Until here, it was ok, but then ... I saw it in my book :
A:"우산 안 가지고 왔어요 ?"
B: "네, 이렇게 맑은데 비가 올까 싶어서 아침에 우산을 안 챙겼어요."

Yes, it was so clear that I was afraid it will rain so I didn't prepare my umbrella ? x) there is no sence right ?

Please help me to understand :D
May 1, 2020 9:21 AM
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V-(으)ㄹ까 싶어(서) can mean two things:
1) V-(으)ㄹ까 봐 = V-(으)ㄹ 것 같아서 = fearing that someone/something might V,
2) V-기야 하려고 (생각)해서 = V-지(는 않을 것 같아서 = thinking someone/something wouldn't/couldn't V.
(The phrase is not the same as -고 싶다 which means "to wish to do something".)

The two meanings are almost the opposite, one being suspecting and the other doubting a possibility. It is a tricky phrase to master.  

* 하늘*이* 너무 어둡*길래* 비가 올까 싶어 빨리 집으로 왔다. (meaning-1. 싶어 and -지 doesn't work together well) 
* 네, 이렇게 맑은데 비가 올까 싶어서 아침에 우산을 안 챙겼어요. (meaning-2)
= Yea, I didn't bring my umbrella because I doubted it would rain on such a clear day.

Using simpler phrases, you might say:

* 하늘이 너무 어두운 게 [or 어두웠기 때문에] 비가 올 것 같아서 빨리 집으로 왔다. (-ㄹ까 싶다 = -ㄹ 것 같다)
* 네, 이렇게 맑은데 [or 맑으니까] 비가 오지는 않을 것 같아서 아침에 우산을 안 챙겼어요. (-ㄹ까 싶다 = -지(는) 않을 것 같다)

May 2, 2020
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