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i'm chinese and i can't really speak chinese hi everyone!
so, i'm chinese but i was born in the US.
recently, i taught myself pinyin and i totally need someone to practice it on.
also, i'd probably like to keep practicing my speaking skills with someone on here, because i'd like to talk to different people other than my parents. haha.
ah, so would anyone like to be my language exchange partner?
plus, in exchange for helping me with chinese, i'll help you with english since i'm fluent in english.
Jul 5, 2008 6:55 AM
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you can talk with me , i am a beijinger.. my
August 13, 2008

i know you are here

i would like to help you improve your Chineae
and you have to understand my English first

August 12, 2008
thank you everyone! i've learned a lot from chatting with some of you guys. n_n
August 12, 2008

hi my name's aryen, i'm tunisian and i can help you to learn arabic,french and English

if you need any think send me a mail or if you want to chat on msn contact me on

or contact me by sms on +21620278899

i wish if chat together on msn i want to improve my english
July 13, 2008
i want to learn english,and I can speak chinese well,my
July 13, 2008
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