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May 1, 2020 1:25 PM
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Different mood means different conversations, which means learning to say different things. Definitely a positive!
May 1, 2020
I was not sad but I was so tired . I normally don’t accept classes that are are so early in the morning but the student is a really nice person. I accepted a class for 5AM it was really hard but I ended up having a great class😄 You have to fight through it as a teacher.
May 1, 2020
I can focus because I remind myself that it's about language learning, a thing I love to do (most of the time :D ) and it turns my thoughts from the things that are bothering me.
May 1, 2020
i can focus on a class even if I am very sad.Because I think the class is more important than my mood.I can be sad later,and think it later,But the class is only one chance to lesson.
So ,try to control yourself<U can do it
May 1, 2020
@Nina , no worries that was an example only : ) .. I still have my job but I'm on furlough so i'm not working at the moment. Fingers cross everything should be back to normal in due time... in the meantime I'm taking the chance to improve my Italian skills ... thanks : )
May 1, 2020
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