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Ideas on using flash cards for Korean vocabulary
I like using flash cards to remember Korean vocabulary. One of my favourite techniques is grouping them, so that all the words on a card are related. For me, it is then much easier to remember them. Without even trying I am often able to remember the other words on a card when given the first.
One of my cards looks like this:
회사 company
회사원 company employee
회의 meeting
회의실 meeting room
회견 interview
회식 group dinner
회계 accounting
The words obviously share the syllable 회. Since it is a Sino-Korean word the syllable is represented by the Chinese character 會 which reminds me of a company building. 
Since it is sometimes a bit difficult to find connected words it would help me to have a Korean dictionary where I could search for words containing a certain Chinese character. Does anyone know of such a dictionary?
Any other ideas on grouping or using flash cards for Korean are welcome as well.

May 1, 2020 2:47 PM
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I'm not sure of a dictinoary but when it comes to grouping vocabulary i aslo find that spaced repetition works a lot for me. I use an app called anki where you can make different decks of vocabulary and slowly see yourself beginning to learn and recognize the words. I think this could make your grouping strategy work faster/better. This is only my suggestion though, experiment to figure what works best for you :)
May 19, 2020
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