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Greetings , what is the way to say hello in your culture ???
Kiss in one cheek, handshake, 2 kisses , a bow, kiss only if is female ...what is your way to say hello in your own culture ? do you like it or find others more suitable for your style ?

Is this changing now for good ?

I wonder why the Italians star the kissing on the wrong cheek : )

Thanks for sharing
May 1, 2020 4:30 PM
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In my culture it depends on the gender, age, and situation is it formal or Informal. I'll give some examples because I can't cover all situations 😅
If for example, I am greeting a person who is as old as my grandma I will give her two to three kisses on the check and one on the head and if she is a very close relative I would also kiss her hand. In informal situation and someone as old as me like my friends I will give them a hug and three kisses on the check. In more formal situations a hand shack is more common or just saying hello with a simple head nod is enough. There are many many other scenarios 😅
May 1, 2020
Marcelo here men and women don't touch so no kisses, hugs or handshakes only they do if they are relatives. However, now some are being more open and they will give handshakes only in formal situations, but still very rare.
Men and women not touching here is seen as a sign of resepect of each other personal space.
We have the same here men greet men with kisses on the checks it is very normal 😅
May 1, 2020
It depends on the pearson that you are gonna greet , well here in México if Is someone new or someone that you dont know very well we use to use the handshake , also we use it when we dont have a close relationship with somebody or when the greet needs to be formal (ex. at work ), when we are with friends or family or people we know and trust, we greet with a kiss in the cheek or with a hug. But sometimes there aré expections, I mean maybe if you are in a party and you meet someone you dont know sometimes we greet with handshake with a kiss in the cheek at the same time, hahaha its strange.
May 1, 2020
Thanks @Layla ...there is lots of kisses in your culture . I'm more interested now about others combinations. What about meeting a male friend same age , what would you do ?
May 1, 2020
in Argentina a kiss in one cheek ... even man to man.
May 1, 2020
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