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Question as an answer.
I’m struggling to find any grammar article about that, but haven’t found any yet.

Basically, I think you can reply to somebody’s statement with a question like “Do you?”, “Have they?”, “ Is she?”, but I’m not sure.
For example. - I’m a true professional in that field.
-Are you?
-I was doing in for three hours yesterday.
-Were you?
Does it sound correct?
May 1, 2020 8:39 PM
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  • - I was doing that for three hours yesterday. ("that" because something was going on not today, or you can also use "it")
  • - Were you? ( Here you either make sure that you heard what you heard or want to know more details.)
May 1, 2020
It works, but be aware that it can sound like you are questioning whether they are telling the truth. If I said "I've worked here for years" and you replied "have you?" I might think that you don't believe I'm telling the truth. Though it depends on how you say it.

You could also just say "Really?" i.e. "I've seen that band perform live." "Really?" "Yeah they were great!"
May 1, 2020
Yeah it sounds correct but in a conversation it would probably sound like mocking or it may even be a reaction of a surprised person i believe or heck even suspicion !
May 1, 2020
Thank you!

Okay, so grammatically it is right. Just now I’m a bit confused with the meaning.
If it’s in the situation, when you just want to express surprise, be polite and keep conversation flowing?

Anton, thanks for being attentive :) . It’s actually a misprint 😅. “In” was supposed to be “it”.
May 1, 2020
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