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What is your the most useful way to learn languages ?
During coronavirus i found that,it gave me a very good opportunity to study my certain languages.I started to practice regularly.For me the most useful trick to learn any languages it's to start improve your spoken skills right from day one.However,the most sad part is that sometimes my partners cannot find time to practice.Some of them can talk only one day per week.If could have only one partner like that it's not gonna make any sense.But fortunately i got many partners through Italki.And i want to say thank you to italki for this opportunity.So speaking and practicing the most useful way to study languages(in my opinion)
I really want to know what is your best way to study languages?
May 2, 2020 3:32 AM
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Hi, for me I think listening is the best way to start learning English. Listen and listen and listen as A.J.Hoge said. A.j.hoge is a famous English coach and has a lot of English programs and YouTube videos. I use his YouTube videos as material to practice listening. I also love watching movies and series which are helping in practicing English.
May 2, 2020
Hey! In my personal experience, I could say that the best way to learn by yourself is with songs and movies, it helps improve fluency and also get used to hear all of those new sounds and connect it with the writen part (in case you’re reading the lyrics or the subtitles)
May 2, 2020
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