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Kallia Trian
Speaking Skills
Do you guys have any tips on how to improve my speaking? Like how can I speak faster with the correct tones?
2 de may de 2020 8:16
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Don't worry about speaking quickly, it's far better to speak more slowly but more accurately than it is to speak quickly but make lots of errors
2 de Mayo de 2020
as a native chinese speaker,i think practicing to speak and listening to standard pronunciation are important.besides,you can talk to someone with chinese and find your problem.
That's all.
Wish you success
2 de Mayo de 2020
maybe take some practice on Chinese tongue twister ?
(The kind of that you can understand. )
Wish you success. 👍
2 de Mayo de 2020
Listening and mimicking helped me a lot in improving my inflection and speed if that helps. I think this can apply to any language, if not all, at least some.
2 de Mayo de 2020
Kallia Trian
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