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Asmaa Hussein
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what's your best way to learn new language?
May 2, 2020 10:08 AM
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Hi Asmaa Hussein

Here are some tips I found useful in order to learn a new language:

  • Focus on learning by listening and talking. Grammar is not useful if we don’t learn how to get comfortable and lose the fear of trying to speak a new language
  • Find and memorize the most used words on the language in object. There are many articles online about this
  • Find a person who you can practice with
  • Invest time in your learning process. Having a teacher or a practice partner it’s a very good step, however selfstudy its really important to actually see progress.
  • Use a language learning app. This is very helpful to memorize new words
  • Apply the approach study spacing: its more effective to study something specific once every day than several times the same day, research has proven. For example if you want to memorize one phrase, study that one phrase once every day for a long period of time, I would say, at least over a week, so that the information is stored on you long term memory
  • Using what it’s called an immersion environment, meaning you surround yourself with the language in object and it’s culture. I am not saying you can learn a language by doing this. But it can help you familiarize with the language and a natural way of using it, new sounds, pronunciation, culture...It will of course be more effective once your language level is up to the chosen media.

I hope you find this useful!
Best regards
May 2, 2020
July 25, 2020
Asmaa Hussein
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