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Our village had (So///such) little money available that the school had to close
i dont know whether i should use So or Such 🤯🤯🤯

May 2, 2020 3:19 PM
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“So” is correct — it modifies the adjective “little”. For example: “They had little money. How little? So little.”

May 2, 2020
@ Brian Yes you and Phil are correct, I made a mistake when I edited it from being correct to being wrong/incorrect.
Such little money = the money is little, and not what I later incorrectly edited it to, like I always do when I make a mistake I left it for others to see and learn from, it is no skin of my nose if I get a down vote or nasty remarks so long as the asker gets their question answered eventually whether by one person or a collection/consensus of answers. Or also by a mistake/error being corrected.
May 2, 2020
you can use such as per definition number three in this dictionary and other dictionaries.
you can not use so according to the same dictionary and other dictionaries not even when using definition number 2.a (1) or 2.a.1(2) or 2.b here
this is a mistake many people make.
"our village had such little money ----" as per the first definition for such I gave you = a degree of poverty.
"our village had so little money" although often colloquially used it means the money was "so" "little". * the incorrect edit I made read above.

We use so to replace or emphasise an adjective.
"I love you so very much"
"You are so disgusting"
May 2, 2020
So is correct. You could use 'such" but it sounds a little awkward to me. "So" is more natural sounding
May 2, 2020
John, Thank you for your references but I have to disagree with you. Although "such" is an adverb and you can say "I have such little money", this means that the money itself is small in size (the bills or the coins are small).
“We have so little time.” (time = uncountable noun, so we use “little”)
the Cambridge dictionary says so comes before little.

The correct answer is "Our village has SO little money.."
May 2, 2020
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