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Tayani Perdun
Self teaching myself Japanese and thought it would be easier to find a partner.
Point made. I would like it if my partner could speak some English. ;3 thanks to whoever doesn’t mind giving me a hand!
May 2, 2020 4:59 PM
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I think self-taught is easier than finding a Japanese person who helps you learning Japanese for free. I heard my language partners that it's the most difficult part to find a Japanese person who can have a face-to-face conversation in learning Japanese. 
We can't speak English well is might be one of the reasons. We are just native speakers so that we don't know how learners learn Japanese. It might be the reason why you think it's difficult to find a Japanese language partner. Imagine. do you teach English grammar in Japanese to Japanese language partners? It's not easy, right?
I think the other biggest reason is that Japanese people are cautious. Some express it "they are shy". Typical Japanese are not so friendly that we can become friends easily. It is called "内(うち)/外(そと)" culture. However, once you become friends with a Japanese person, he/she would do the best for you. 
I would expect the same thing from you, in my case. lol.
How do you self teach Japanese, by the way?
May 3, 2020
Tayani Perdun
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