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James Reece
Professional Teacher
Phrasal verb questions to help intermediate students practise
For intermediate students. Can you understand the situations and answer one, two... or all of these questions?

Read the situation and question to try to understand the word in the context. Don't look at a translator first!

Back off
When people (or countries) are acting aggressively and it looks like a fight is about to start, would you respect one of the people more for backing off, or would you call them a coward?

Blown away
The last time I was completely blown away by the intensity of a movie was Batman -The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger’s performance was incredible.
What’s the last time you left a cinema with that feeling of amazement?

Bring over
When I was little I was really happy to get a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I wanted to keep it in good condition as I was worried about it breaking. I had arranged to meet my friend at the weekend and he wanted to try it out and play multiplayer games with me. He asked me to bring the N64 over. I didn’t really want to risk it though…

Have you ever refused when somebody asked you to bring something over, because you were worried about it?

Brush up (on)
At school I loved Mathematics and Physics because I felt they were easy. I went to university and did a degree in maths and physics and realised they were a bit more difficult than I had realised. Due to my career in languages since then I really can’t remember much about the two subjects and if I had to teach them to somebody I’d definitely have to brush up on the important points.

What did you use to know quite a lot about but would now have to brush up on first if you were asked to talk about it?

Call off
As we are in lockdown there must be millions of plans that had been made for April and May which are no longer able to proceed. Having to call off our plans is always disappointing.

What did you originally have arranged but have had to call off due to the covid19 lockdown?
May 2, 2020 6:39 PM
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