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Vocab Exercise by phrasing Part 1 (Can you please check)
I admire a singer who has been all the rage since she won 1st price, Miss A. She is renowned for her hit album such as Stronger. According to mainstream media, she made a name for herself by succeeding in taking love from audience around the world. Of course, she is well-connected and prevails in her career due to her amazing talents. Speaking of her daily basis, she is a freelancer and a person who is environmentally conscious. She is also a philanthropist who sometimes supports illiterate children who live in abject poverty. She is an advocate for disabled children as well. She receives the love from her fan base because she is a firm believer in what goes around comes around, which she has a strong belief of karma. Calling herself a perfect person is not an understatement because no one is perfect. She just detests seeing her life useless. She is environmental conscious, so she always hopes people together protect the weather to not be polluted since the weather is deteriorating. She loves to look up the appealing sky at night, not the morning sky is dull. When she sees the sky floating, which recalls her of a tranquil town without noise pollution. The night view is appealing to let her think of an ideal and cozy place where her family gather happily. The sky is packed with a lot of sentimental values and levels of emotion. If there is a time machine, she will opt for residing a place where is not populous and pricey, which could be a tranquil town. Although living a life of a famous person, she wants to reside simply and opt for a countryside area. (a make up story to remember vocab)
May 2, 2020 11:19 PM
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