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I was amazed at the today's Japanese local newspaper story which some Japanese professional storyteller wrote. It says German government quickly transferred three month's grant money 600000 yen (about 5130 euro) per person for artists who suffered a major blow by new coronavirus. She,the pro storyteller,says," she envies German expressionists whose government has a respectful attitude to entertainers." Off course Japanese government is making compensation payment for restaurants, hotel business companies,...etc which much suffered by the virus, but I think the government's compensation payment doesn't reach to the people working in the world of show business in Japan. My friend, who usually teaches pantomime, tap dance, and gives public performance,also took a huge blow financially because of the virus. He is now coming into operation to seek support from Japanese government and to make a law concerning a cultural policy.
May 3, 2020 4:18 AM
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