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Can you learn Spanish in a month upto intermediate level?
Please share any special technique if you did so.
At least reading, and listening should up to the mark.
3 maj 2020 09:16
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Great question!
3 maja 2020
get the book that goes with DESTINOS.
3 maja 2020
yes, u can reach level B1 in a month. its getting to level C1 which seems to take forever after you get to B1.
If i could recommend only one thing, it would be to learn as much vocabulary as possible.--- And here is the thing that is a great help. English and spanish have a lot of cognates (same words basically). as far as grammar, study just basics, that will come later. Plus grammar is a "sounds right" kind of thing. let your ear learn over time what sounds right. DO AS MUCH LISTENING TO NATIVES SPEAKING AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

here are some links to some awesome material.
3 maja 2020
9 days in... How are we looking?
12 maja 2020
thank @Callum for your response. I like to live on the edge :p
I'm just gauging if it's unrealistic or too unrealistic for mortals.
I'm going to do it anyways. Wish me luck :D

@Shaka feels like you found the loophole, haha.
3 maja 2020
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