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Federica S.
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Travelling abroad is almost everyonce’s dream, but why is that and what do we gain from this experience?
Education and experience are the two most important things that we gain from travelling and, to me, those are interconnected.
With every trip we add new elements to the toolkit we use in our life, in relationship with other people, to make decisions, to understand experiences and to read into what is happening in the world.
When I come back from a trip I feel as if I activated another piece of my brain, something new is at my disposal. Not only does this new element helps me to understand the culture I visited, but it also gives me the opportunity to see my life with new eyes, with an added power, if you want.
Experience is education and vice versa.
Before we have the opportunity to visit other countries, we see the world as a huge, unknown and sometimes scary place. Sometimes we feel afraid when we see something that is not related to our culture, rather than feeling curious, of course, this reaction depends upon our own attitude.
After we start travelling around the world, even if not so far away, the world becomes smaller and smaller and we feel less daunted, we travel around with a new self-confidence.
In my opinion, visiting other countries is a necessary experience, through that we grow and educate ourselves. We open our minds to new information, traditions and cultures, we expand our knowledge. At the end, travelling benefits us by giving back to us a piece of our own self and helps us to interconnect with other cultures and to understand that we are part of something bigger. We are not so different from one another, we just need to educate ourselves and experience that along our lifetime journey.

May 3, 2020 11:35 AM
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