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can you correct my mistakes, please
Nobody is perfect, but for me the «PERFECT TEACHER» is a teacher who not only teach but also helps student to become a better person. A perfect teacher shares his knowledge with students and show them right path. A teacher which help students in studies and is also friendly in nature.
I think, perfect teacher need be well-educated, have knowledge from different areas not only his subject. He need inspire respect and trust. If teacher be like a good friend for his student, they can come to him and talk about their life and share their problems. Most of cases children can’t share their problems with strangers like school-psychologist.
An ideal teacher leaves a life-long impression on his/her students and impacts their mind in a positive way. She is a much valued asset, without whom one can't imagine a life. In fact, perfect teachers are as important as our parents. Not even a single day of our life will seem to be complete without them. They are the ones, whom the students can idolize and look up to.

Why I choose Institute of foreign languages and international tourism to be trained as a teacher? I can name two reasons. Firstly, I hope find good friends here. People who has worldviews same with mine. Who would like to became a perfect teacher for his students. Who wants to help other people and make our world better. I think, I will find they here.
Another reason why I chose our institute there are many possibilities to have international experiences in my field. I be able to have internships in different counties for exchanging cultures and experience with different people from world.
May 3, 2020 3:50 PM
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