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Jean Tarrillo
Language Partner
I'm learning English, I want to improve my spoken English,I want to find real native English speakers and language partners, although I know it is not easy,but I still hope I can find it.If you are learning Spanish, I can help you.
May 3, 2020 6:52 PM
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Soy anglófono y quisiera practicar y, por supuesto, mejorar mi comunicación verbal en español. Por supuesto te ayudaré con el inglés. Envíame un mensaje directamente o añádeme a tu lista de amigos si quieres practicar.

May 4, 2020
I am looking for a partner to practice speaking English. I need to improve my fluency and coherence. I wanna correct my grammatical errors and increase it's range and accuracy. I have ta develop my vocabulary. Therefore a English speaking partner is badly needed for me.
May 3, 2020
Hi, Jean!
I used to teach English as a volunteer in my neighborhood and now I'm learning Espanish, let's practice :)

May 3, 2020
I am learning Spanish but am not a native English speaker. Shame.
May 3, 2020
Jean Tarrillo
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