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Hallo, deutsche Muttersprachler. Koennt ihr mir helfen?
Hello German speakers! Please, can you give a hand in understanding dif between Präteritum und Perfekt. Of course I've read the rules but I still can't get the situations of using these tenses exactly. For example,
1.I write a message on Viber and want to tell ' I visited my mum and went to the theatre yesterday'. or 'I learned English in the morning' or " I didn't know that".
2.As I got it, in spoken German I use Perfekt, right?
Thank you in advance.
May 3, 2020 9:33 PM
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For all intents and purposes outside literature they get used interchangeably today, with "Perfekt" being the norm in spoken German. I would personally place "viber" (or other messaging services) on the same level as spoken German, and not consider them a literary platform.

So that would make your sentences in 1) to be:

Ich habe gestern meine Mama besucht und bin ins Kino gegangen.
Ich habe am Morgen Englisch gelernt.
Das habe ich nicht gewusst.

If you really WANT to use Präteritum (Imperfekt):
Ich besuchte gestern meine Mama und ging ins Kino.
Am Morgen lernte ich Englisch.
Das wusste ich nicht.

May 3, 2020
Hello Andrej and thank you, thank you!
It's relly great news I can use Perfect in messangers too! Cause it's a little bit complicated to know both these tenses when you are just a beginner!
Vielen Dank und eine gute Woche!
May 3, 2020
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