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What advice would you give to your younger self?
May 4, 2020 2:46 AM
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Don't get married... 😭
May 4, 2020
It's difficult to think of something I'd want to go back and tell myself.

You see, by making the choices I did, I've arrived at a place where I have gained a lot of wisdom and insight. Changing any one thing, regardless of how minute it may seem, could be detrimental to where I am today.

By choosing to love someone as a child, I learned how love is precious. Love is something that if misused, can lead to a lot of hurt. I learned how a family should behave by seeing someone misuse love and treat it as a disposable item.

By being different, I learned
that people can truly love me.
that you can't always please everybody
the value of older people

By making mistakes in college, I learned that I had a passion for teaching. I learned despite mistakes I had value.
Without these mistakes, I would not have had the opportunity to develop some skills I have today.

Mistakes led to:
becoming a college instructor
developing my writing skills
public speaking skills
learning how to be vulnerable
learning that I have a purpose
learning how to care for others
becoming a disability awareness advocate
tutoring children
learning languages through italki
becoming someone who is comfortable being imperfect
recognizing others have much they can teach me, even without trying
May 4, 2020
Thanks Anni for this discussion, I learned so many things through reading comments. I'd say 2 things: First, do what you really like in your study. Second, if something is not going to matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes being upset about it.
May 6, 2020
Anton - Don't forget that you can also choose to take the high road. You're still very young so let me tell you a secret. It's much cooler to be kind (^_^)

Tinnu - I actually like your longer comment. I thought it was full of wisdom and felt so motherly.

Hesam - And being a positive person and surrounding yourself with positivity will allow you to lead a happy and satisfying life. Out with the bad vibe!
May 4, 2020
There's always a fine line when giving advice to others especially teenagers and young people in general as they are difficult years. On the one hand it's a time when you still need your parent's/guardian's help and on the other you want to try things out for yourself and to live your own experiences.

I'd say the following:

  • Try new things without taking unnecessary risks
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be yourself
  • Try not to be too affected by what others say about you
  • Do what you love and are passionate about , in your studies, in your professional life and in your free time activities
  • Try to relax and enjoy the ride:)
May 4, 2020
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