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Are "there you go" and "here you go" same or different phrases?
4 mei 2020 08:12
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It isn't a myth, Volty.

'Here you are' and 'There you are' are both used like 'voilà!' when we want to draw someone's attention to something. We can certainly use them when we are handing something to a person.
4 mei 2020
You're welcome, M ******. Still trying to get used to it. :)
4 mei 2020
Thank you, SuKi. La Liseuse)))
I will never get used to it☹
4 mei 2020
I tend to use 'here you go' when giving something to someone.

I tend to use 'there you go' when doing something for someone like, for example, holding a door open.
4 mei 2020
@Volt Age
Generally, I use "here you are" when giving something to someone that they person had asked for.

For example:

Person A: Can I have a cup of tea?

Person B: Sure

(makes tea)

Here you are! (passing the tea)

Here you go would also sound natural here. It's not a strict set of rules for using them. It more what sounds most natural. Of course I'm referring to English English, not American English here so I am not sure if there are any differences between the two countries regarding this.
14 mei 2020
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