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Nilo Júnior
Hi, people. I wanna practice my English and I can help you with your Portuguese (Brazilian, especifically)
Hello, everyone. How are all of you? Well, I am learning English and I am looking for a language exchange partner, 'cause I need to improve my English - more specifically, my pronunciation. So, I'd like to meet some person who can help me with this, but I'm looking for someone who really want to do this, because I want to make discussions at least 1/2 times for a week. But what can I offer to you? I am a native portuguese speaker and I can help you with many things about Brazilian Portuguese (pronunciation, reading, listening, speaking, cultural recomendations). So, I was thinking this: what about we have two one-hour-discussion per week (30 minutes in English and the rest 30 minutes in Portuguese) about anything?

I'm 20 years old-boy. I love watching movies (thrillers, horror, drama, historical), reading (about psychology, atheism, nihilism, philosophy and literature, in general) and listening to musics... Also, I am a psychology student at the university, so we can discuss about human behavior, in general. xD

If you would like to do this with me, please send me a message. xD
May 4, 2020 1:26 PM
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Nilo Júnior
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